A graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Stéphane Garnavault flourished during his studies through graphic design, painting, drawing, engraving, screen printing and photography.

However, once graduated, he repressed his artistic soul to embark on a career as a designer. For nearly 20 years, he worked like crazy, forgetting his first artistic loves.

He quickly became a successful designer thanks to his skin-deep sensitivity. But it's like a poisoned gift that wears him down. He feels emotions so intensely that he sometimes feels overly sensitive to the world around him.

5 years ago, he discovered a book that opened his eyes, it was a shock. He understands that he has to react. Little by little, his artistic heart starts beating again. He buys the camera of his student dreams. A Leica.

He starts strolling right and left, and it does him a world of good. In nature, he feels in his place. The landscapes crossed are as important as the interior landscape. He observes the world and searches deep inside himself how to transcribe in images the way he perceives his environment.

His photographic work reveals his particular sensitivity and his attraction for refined design. Her portraits of flowers like self-portraits are a mixture of blurs and plays of light. His urban landscapes capture the sensations of climatic catastrophe, put into images in simplified or even abstract compositions.